Service in our Community

Who can we be to those around us? How can we live together as a people of God in the way that God intended? Where is the need and how are we purposely planted in our very own Jerusalem? The present series, Together: Living as a people of God, deals with many of these questions, and more specifically, how God's word guides us to live with one another in a way that builds fulfilling, purposeful and blessed relationships. 

   On any given week during the school year you may find our members filling lunch bags for students, answering the need for special snacks or supplies at the local elementary school, or preparing a meal for a family in grief or great need.  Every other Wednesday our food pantry serves those in need with groceries and staples for the month.  Our garden in the back serves the Karen community and offers a refuge and time outside to our members.  At Christmas time we purchase items for families in need, children with specific hopes that would otherwise not be met, and our community at large with a Christmas service and worship time. 

 This is a look around at our immediate community.  {Volume up to hear the soft recording}