I am the true vine.  My Father is the gardener... He trims (prunes) every branch that does bear fruit.  Then it will bear even more fruit. 
John 15:1-2

Teens from COM and KBF enjoyed a camping retreat this past weekend in Southern Indiana.   While visiting a vineyard, they learned how the branches of grapes are pruned to allow new growth that produces fruit.  They connected what they learned about growing grapes with Jesus' teaching about bearing "fruit" in our lives found in John 15.  Together (Karen: Tur- pu- caw) we sang, served, and shared. 
Those present reflected on Jesus' command to "Love each other, just as I have loved you" John 15:12.  One young man sat down for breakfast in front of the plate of turkey bacon.  He was one of the first to take bacon, which he had helped cook, and he took a generous portion.  When others shared disappointment that it was all gone, he volunteered to share his.  A young lady's shoes got wet when their tent leaked in therain.  Another young lady gave her dry shoes to her friend and chose to walk around in flip flops so her friend was comfortable.  These are examples of loving each other and the "fruit" that comes from living in fellowship with Jesus!  
Thank you for lovingly supporting the teens from both congregations!  

Jesus died AND ROSE AGAIN... therefore we always have hope.

In the midst of the message last week (From Acts 2.24) Jay talked about emotions; specifically that because of the power of the resurrection we could have redeemed emotions that would allow us to love and to feel deeply. The message was timely, in part, because of the events of Las Vegas, but also because there are many in our own congregation who are going through emotional times. It is ok to feel sadness or anger or grief. It is NOT a commentary on your faith. The Apostle Paul, addressing people of faith said this, “Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who have died, or to grieve like those who have no hope.” (I Thessalonians 4.14) But this is precisely why we need to keep the resurrection at the forefront of our theology. Instead of looking backward at sin we ought to live, breath, and celebrate resurrection. Jesus died AND ROSE AGAIN…therefore we always have hope.