Thinking New Thoughts

Are we doomed to fight?

Repentance is such a powerful word: change the way that you think. When Jesus came calling for repentance and proclaiming the kingdom he was inviting us to think in new ways – ways that are distinct from the ways of the world. The world has established patterns and generations of people can buy into it as ‘just the way that it is.’ Without critical thinking, we just go along, believing in the inevitability of a thing.

War and fighting are two of those things. It is just the way that we are as human beings…we fight. We accept fighting as commonplace. But is it? On any given day, if you think properly about it, you do less fighting than you do peacemaking, laughing, enjoying and relaxing. If you look at the whole scope of this world, that is the case again and again. On the other hand, egregious acts of violence that were once considered normal and routine have fallen by the wayside. When is the last time you went to a duel or to the arena to watch gladiators battle to the death?

If we accept the notion that fighting is inevitable – then fighting will continue. But if we believe that fighting is NOT inevitable then we will look for new ways of dealing with conflict and differences. And, like Jesus, if we begin to speak into the world (That is, the life of our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers) new alternatives, then perhaps it will catch on. Can you envision a future where war is banished and peace rules? Perhaps that is too big a dream to dream today – yet the dream is only achieved if we view it as possible in the first place. You, we, are not doomed to fight.  

Thank YOU!!!

Many of you have given above and beyond to support those who have been affected by the hurricanes and flooding in Texas, Florida and other places. Thank you for partnering with Garden Baptist as they sent supplies and thank you for giving $1165.00 in a special offering. We had just asked you to give generously for the World Mission Offering (Which you did) and then to turn around and give for this ministry was huge. Thank you!